Fireplace manufacturer Nordpeis offers fireplaces, fireplace inserts and fireplace stoves. Fireplaces and stoves Nordpeis is a leader in the Scandinavian market and Europe. Fireplaces and stoves are made of high quality cast iron and are equipped with a patented insulation material Nordpeis Termott, which significantly increases the fireplace and fireplace stove body resistance to damage and promotes heat accumulation functions. Therefore Nordpeis give these products up to 15 years warranty. Nordpeis fireplace finishes are made of thermo-resistant die-cast concrete, which is integrated with fiber slivers. Fireplaces finish fundamental difference from the ordinary plasterboard structures differ in their ability to accumulate and distribute heat to the room for four hours after the flame in the fireplace insert has gone out. Fireplace finishes do not need to be insulated. Company Nordpeis is independently working on new heating products. Nordpeis heating stoves, fireplace inserts and fireplace finishes are tested and certified in Scandinavian SINTED laboratory, which is one of the leading quality assessors in Europe. Currently In the list of fireplaces the latest Nordpeis product Salzburg has come, with heat wall efficiency of heat accumulation up to 21 hours with 6kg of firewood consumption.  

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