Stoves Romotop STROMBOLI N04 sandstone
€ 2,050.00 € 1,690.00
Fireplace Nordpeis SALZBURG low
€ 2,880.00 € 2,590.00

Firepales with air intake.

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Fireplaces and smoke.

Date Added: 22/02/2014

Fireplace with hot air system.

Date Added: 14/01/2014

Wood should be dry, maximum 20 % moisture.

Date Added: 20/12/2013

Kamīni ar siltuma akumulāciju ir diezgan izstiepts jēdziens, jo siltuma akumulācija laiks var tik variēts no 2 stundām līdz diennaktij, un pat 36 stundas. Viss ir atkarīgs no akumulācij …

Date Added: 27/06/2012

Fireplace Austroflamm insert 55x57K

Fireplace Austroflamm insert 55x57K
Fireplace Austroflamm
Kamīni Austroflamm kurtuve 55x57K

German brand AUSTROFLAMM is one of Europe's leading fireplace furnace and oven manufacturers for 20 years. All AUSTROFLAMM furnaces are lined with Keramott. It is a special AUSTROFLAMM developed material, with a certain ratio of insulation and thermal conductivity, that promotes fast combustion and chamber's high temperature reach. Resulting in ''clean'' combustion of fuel. The material is very heat resistant , up to 1200 ° C. In addition Keramott ''repel'' the soot, which in burning process collects on the furnace walls, thus preserving the wonderful flame game onto the light furnace walls. 

Fireplace insert can be equipped with additional heat accumulation systems ASM;  HMS; HMS BOX; or composite HMS and HMS BOX. Fireplace heat accumuluation system accumulates heat up to 15 hours. More on these systems can be found under title "Fireplace materials'' subpart " Lila Tec sistēmas ".

ASM price set ( 5 rings with adapter ) is 1100 EUR

HMS set (4 plates) and HMS BOX set 840 EUR


  • Homogeneous material with constant and repeatable qualities
  • Specific ballance between insulation and heat conduction

    - In cold condition, high degree of reflection into the combustion chamber
    - In hot condition, perfect heat conduction for the heat memory system

  • Fast and high combustion temperature for a clean, low emmision burn rate and a clean glass.
  • Only a white Keramott represents a clean combustion at high temperature
  • High temperature resistance up to 1200 °C
  • Smooth surface gives almost no contact surface for unburned material
  • Keramott is continously developed. The last modification took place in the beginning of this year
  • Cracks in the Keramott

    - Hairline cracks in the Keramott are no reason to be worried or are a substantial service reason;
    - Keramott is a subject to high thermal stress of 20 °C – 700 °C; during fire the temperature modulates between 200 °C-700°C depending of the burning situation; here are signs of exhaustion over several heating periodes normal;
    - Keramott has to be only replaced if it has cracks and the Keramott stones are not in its former position anymore
  • Damages appear through:

    - Physical overstress
    * Wood is hitting the Keramott with power during refillment
    * Usage of non proper burning materia
    * Substantial change of the interior lining

    - Wrong treatment of a new insert or stove
    * The first burning after installation of a fireplace insert or an stove should be taken slowly
    * A new Keramott lining still contains up to 1-1,5 l of combined water, which have to diffuse out of the Keramott slowly
    * 1. Burning with 1 kg small and dry wood; 2. Burning with 2 kg wood: 3. Burning with nominal heat-output and loading


Technical specifications
Chimney diameter (mm) 160
Weight (kg) 102
Height (mm) 1245-1445
Width (mm) 603
Depth (mm) 559
Power (kW) 7

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