Firepales with air intake.

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Fireplaces and smoke.

Date Added: 22/02/2014

Fireplace with hot air system.

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Wood should be dry, maximum 20 % moisture.

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Kamīni ar siltuma akumulāciju ir diezgan izstiepts jēdziens, jo siltuma akumulācija laiks var tik variēts no 2 stundām līdz diennaktij, un pat 36 stundas. Viss ir atkarīgs no akumulācij …

Date Added: 27/06/2012

Stoves Romotop LAREDO 01 AKUM ceramic

Stoves Romotop LAREDO 01 AKUM ceramic
Stoves Romotop LAREDO 01 AKUM ceramic
Romotop krāsniņas Romotop LAREDO 01 AKUM keramika

Price: € 1,630.00
We sell only in LV!
Romotop accumulation kits are designed to increase the added value to your stove thanks to the material, structure and layout. They are able to quickly absorb the excess energy during active heating, and emit heating for a long time even after the fire has burnt - up to 5,5 hours. Ceramic is a traditional, natural and time-tested material used in heating installations.Comparing different parameters, ceramics is the best choise for ovens. Ceramic line excellent properties have been known for many centuries. The large ceramic formats and advanced colors reflect the current trends in interior design. Ceramic tiles are non-porous and are easy to maintain. It's advantage is long-term color stability, even at high and prolonged heat exposure. 
Stove Laredo 01 AKUM ceramic is a tall, thin, luxury stove with the popular oval base and long-term thermal output. The Laredo 01 AKUM stove has a glass door and stainless steel elements. 
  • Modern design, oval-shaped stove with ceramic finish. Stoves Laredo 01 AKUM with ceramic finish is an excellent solution for those, who prefer simple, elegant forms. 
  • It is possible to mount accumulation elements above the combustion chamber.  
  • Suitable for low-energy buildings. 
  • Laredo stove furnace doors are equipped with the technical and artistic 'smart' handle. 
  • Rounded combustion chamber doors, which make the stove look luxurious, and allows you to enjoy the attractiveness of fire from different viewing angles. 
  • Centralized air supply.
  • Secondary air intake, which provides 'clean glass' effect, prevents the deposition of soot on the glass. 
  • Accumulation block set can be purchased seperately. 



Technical specifications

Height 1312 mm
Width 528 mm
Depth 398 mm
Weight 143 kg
Adjustable power 3.0 - 8.0 kW
Chimney diameter 150 mm
External air intake diameter 120 mm
Rear flue connection height 863 mm
Draft 12 Pa
Heat transfer coefficient 80 %

Stoves ceramic finish colors:
Stoves shell colors:


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