Firepales with air intake.

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Fireplaces and smoke.

Date Added: 22/02/2014

Fireplace with hot air system.

Date Added: 14/01/2014

Wood should be dry, maximum 20 % moisture.

Date Added: 20/12/2013

Kamīni ar siltuma akumulāciju ir diezgan izstiepts jēdziens, jo siltuma akumulācija laiks var tik variēts no 2 stundām līdz diennaktij, un pat 36 stundas. Viss ir atkarīgs no akumulācij …

Date Added: 27/06/2012

Romotop stoves Lugo 03 Akum metal

 Romotop Lugo 03 Akum metal fireplace
Fireplace Romotop LUGO 03 AKUM steel Fireplace Romotop Fireplace Romotop Fireplace Romotop Fireplace Romotop LUGO 03 AKUM steel
Romotop krāsniņas LUGO 03 AKUM metāls

Price: € 1,430.00
We sell only in LV!
  • Modern design stoves with a ceramic stove finish.
  • Large combustion chamber door that allows you to watch the flame game, like on a plasma TV screen.
  • Option to connect the flue from the top or rear.
  • Centralized air supply.
  • Secondary air intake that provides "clean glass" effect, preventing the formation of soot deposition on glass.
  • Glass shelf above the furnace for placing various objects.
  • Closable space beneath the insert for a small quantity of fuel storage.

Additional options:

Accumulation kit AKU 01 = 250 EUR

Accumulation kit AKU 02 = 150 EUR

Glaze colours:
Stove casting:


Another Romotop product choice is a fireplace Lugo Akum with heat accumulation.
Lugo, Belo S A 3, A, A Belorado Evora, Soria meets the customer aesthetic requirements and are available in a variety of configurations, including with 
sheet metal, stone, sandstone and different types of ceramic coating. 
The fireplaces' Lugo Akum back and the surface above the furnace can be supplemented with uniquely shaped Romotop heat accumulation material. Only for 
Lugo fireplaces the accumulation material can be on the back, while the rest of the fireplaces' can have the heat accumulation material on top of the 
In total, this fireplace has 66 kg ofheat accumulation material and additional 35 kg of ceramic tile. 
The unique Romotop heat accumulation material for the fireplace Lugo Akum rear, sides and top. 
The company Romotop carries out other tests to compare the fireplace Lugo heating capacity with and without the heat accumulation, and to measure the 
fireplace's ability to store heat. Under the same test conditions as before, and with the same amoung of wood, the temperature of the frontal shell, 
above the furnace, was registered with 44 kg heat accumulation material. 
The standard Lugo fireplace cooled to 30°C in four hours, but the fireplace Lugo with heat accumulation material cooled down to the same temperature in 
8,5 hours. Thus, the Lugo fireplace, with Romotop heat accumulation material, heat radiation time was more than 100% longer, showing the much greater 
Like in the fireplace Arona test, also here the maximum temperature was analysed (that is the beginning temperature of cooling phase). On account of the 
heat accumulation material, the surface temperature was lower for the fireplace without such material, but the heat radiation was much more pleasant. 
As you can see, these Romotop products are excellent. Aaron, Lugo. Fireplaces Belo 3 S A, A Belorado, Evora, Soria are equipped with heat accumulation 
material, use the latest technology,  Afitted with heat accumulation of material, uses the latest technology, as well as outshines with elegant design and heating comfort. 


Technical specifications
Rated power (kW) 8
Chimney diameter (mm) 150
Heat transfer coefficient (%) 80
Weight (kg) 180
Heating power (m3) 180
Height (mm) 921
Width (mm) 890
Depth (mm) 471
Average fuel consumption (kg) 2.6
Draft (Pa) 10

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