Fireplace Nordpeis SALZBURG L BASIC
€ 3,840.00 € 3,200.00

Firepales with air intake.

Date Added: 25/02/2014

Fireplaces and smoke.

Date Added: 22/02/2014

Fireplace with hot air system.

Date Added: 14/01/2014

Wood should be dry, maximum 20 % moisture.

Date Added: 20/12/2013

Kamīni ar siltuma akumulāciju ir diezgan izstiepts jēdziens, jo siltuma akumulācija laiks var tik variēts no 2 stundām līdz diennaktij, un pat 36 stundas. Viss ir atkarīgs no akumulācij …

Date Added: 27/06/2012

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves key factors fall on their efficiency, low consumption, aesthetics, safety, design and finally to technical support, everything that is relevant to correct functioning. Pellet stoves ExtraStove guarantees that their products are certified, adapted and tested under the strictest international regulation and quality standards. They are produced in accordance with the EN 14785 standard requirements for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, construction, waste emissions and environmental safety. For pellet stoves test management and certification issuance is responsible - TUV Rheinland. ExtraStove company pays great attention to the most important factors that distinguish a good choice, starting with research and development, which gives the potential to create new technologies to improve upon the existing products, to reduce the garmful gas emission and increase operational productivity. All this to provide us with the opportunity to live in a healthier environment with a good quality of life.
Pellet stoves ExtraStove is 100% Italian product, and the company uses high quality certified technical assitance with qualified staff who are interested to respond to all customer enquiries and needs, providing and guaranteeing spare parts for all the models of their products. Pellets as burning fuel is made from wood, and it is classified as biomass. When producing quality pellets no bonding agent is used, because wood natural substance (Legnina) leads to agglomeration, when the tree is crushed and pulverized and is agglomerated into 6 to 8 mm cylinders with low humidity coefficient. The main advantages of using pellets for heating is its eceology and comfort. Pellet stoves ExtraStove body improves the operation performance through important details, including: round burning container made for better combustion, improved ventilation and cooling, thus increasing the performance and the heating economy. ExtraStoves allow you to set the pellet stoves power, set the automatic working schedule for different times as needed.
Pellet stoves creation uses the latest technologies, high precision lasers for stove curring and automatic terrain machines.


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